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Alaska Senator Ted Stevens Concedes – Sarah Palin Loses Chances of Senate Office

November 19, 2008 · Posted in Justice, Political · Comment 


For a while I was so caught up in how stupid it would be for Alaskans to elect convicted felon Ted Stevens that I didn’t keep up on what this could have meant for Sarah Palin.  As I discussed in an earlier article, a win by Ted Stevens could have resulted in a special election after his getting kicked to the curb ousted by other party members.  Assuming that Alaskans were voting their ticket, the Republican Sarah Palin (with her fancy clothes) could very easily have assumed Ted Stevens seat in the senate.  What a nightmare that could have been.

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Should Hillary Clinton be the Next Secretary of State?

November 18, 2008 · Posted in Government, Political, Rants · Comment 

The media is basically pointing out that Bill Clinton may be the roadblock to Hillary Clinton becoming Secretary of State.  I’m sure it’s a double-edged sword because he has the contacts that could make her beneficial while creating the conflict of interest that might eliminate her from consideration.  Either way it sounds like a lose/lose for Hillary.  Funny thing, though, it’s been eight years since Bill Clinton left office and in that time Hillary Clinton has more than proved her ability to stand away from her husband when it’s necessary.  Besides, if they can try to elect convicted felon, Ted Stevens to office in Alaska, why can’t an impeached president’s wife be Secretary of State?

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Sarah Palin – Unqualified to be President

November 12, 2008 · Posted in Celebrity, Political, Rants · Comment 


Every time Sarah Palin opens her mouth I cringe and now looking back I am thankful that the masses of America made the decision to elect Barack Obama President of the United States.  What’s frightening to me, though, is how many Americans were willing to vote for a ticket that includes someone this unqualified, evangelical, and unable to articulate a cogent thought.  My hypothesis… Americans saw an attractive woman in a skirt and voted for the person they wanted to see on television.

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Will Sarah Palin Replace Ted Stevens?

November 5, 2008 · Posted in Government, Political · 1 Comment 

No, I don’t mean in court or as a felon, although we can all hope, but what about as the Junior Republican Senator of Alaska?  The Anchorage Daily News is reporting (no, Sarah Palin can’t name this newspaper, either) that the current senate race may not be decided for weeks, but as it stands right now the incumbent Senator Ted Stevens is leading by 2 points.  This is quite surprising to me considering asshole Senator Ted Stevens was recently convicted on seven felony counts of lying about more than $250,000 in gifts and home renovations he received from corrupt oil and field services contractor Bill Allen (founder of VECO, Corp.)

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Down Goes Senator Stevens (R) Alaska

October 27, 2008 · Posted in Government, Justice, Political, Rants · 2 Comments 

The Republican Party has taken it’s fair share of knocks lately, and I believe that the Senate’s longest-serving Republican, Senator Ted Stevens, is another example of why their future isn’t looking so bright.  Surprisingly (NOT!) he hails from Alaska, which begs the question what’s in the water up there in Alaska – which is also home to Republican Vice-Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin.

Fond of saying “the only special interest I care about is Alaska,” Ted Stevens was convicted today on seven counts of lying about more than $250,000 in gifts and home renovations he received from corrupt oil and field services contractor Bill Allen (founder of VECO, Corp.)  I guess he figures because his home is in Alaska, that was an improvement that everyone could appreciate.

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