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Obama Talks About Education and Parents Complain

September 4, 2009 · Posted in Government, Political, Rants · 1 Comment 

President Barack ObamaHere is my message to all Americans – you may not like him as an individual, or the policies that he is trying to put into place, but he is your President, and you damn well should respect him.  He’s earned that.

After listening to people like Shanneen Barron, as she talked with CNN Affiliate KMGH-TV in Denver, I was forced to question what America has come to.  Barron was quoted as saying, about President Obama’s desire to speak to American school children, that “thinking about my kids in school having to listen to that [President Obama talking about education] just really upsets me. I’m an American. They are Americans, and I don’t feel that’s OK. I feel very scared to be in this country with our leadership right now.” Read more

Rod Blagojevich Indictments Handed Down

April 3, 2009 · Posted in Government, Justice, Political, Rants · Comment 
Will Rod Blagojevich Receive Justice?

Will Rod Blagojevich receive his just due?

It has taken four months for the indictments to come down, and if any of them are true, and I suspect they all are, it’s not a day too soon.  That’s right, I’m talking about former Governor Rod Blagojevich who is now being charged with 16 felony counts, including racketeering conspiracy, wire fraud, extortion conspiracy and lying to federal agents. The government is seeking forfeiture of $188,370 from Blagojevich and will try to take his Ravenswood Manor home in Chicago if needed.

And to think, this started with everyone thinking his pay-to-play effort to sell President Obama’s vacated seat on the US Senate.  Now it seems like that’s the least of his crimes, and considering his elected status, that’s pretty bad.  What bothers me most is that of all the groups that should self govern – politicians appear least willing to look at their own and ask the hard questions.  Rod Blagojevich should be publicly stoned by anyone that cast their vote, and those that stood with him, knowing of his crimes, should be right there with him.

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Should Hillary Clinton be the Next Secretary of State?

November 18, 2008 · Posted in Government, Political, Rants · Comment 

The media is basically pointing out that Bill Clinton may be the roadblock to Hillary Clinton becoming Secretary of State.  I’m sure it’s a double-edged sword because he has the contacts that could make her beneficial while creating the conflict of interest that might eliminate her from consideration.  Either way it sounds like a lose/lose for Hillary.  Funny thing, though, it’s been eight years since Bill Clinton left office and in that time Hillary Clinton has more than proved her ability to stand away from her husband when it’s necessary.  Besides, if they can try to elect convicted felon, Ted Stevens to office in Alaska, why can’t an impeached president’s wife be Secretary of State?

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Theology or Civil Right?

November 7, 2008 · Posted in Human Rights, Justice, Political · Comment 

Proposition 8 passed in California, along with similar legislation in Arizona and Florida, preventing same-sex marriages in those states.  These propositions were supported and primarily funded by the Mormon and Catholic churches.  Unfortunately, it seems that the very people that succeeded getting Obama the presidency – African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans from lower/middle class families – are the ones that propped up this legislation.  Of course, these same families are predominantly Catholic and Christian likely to have voted Yes on Proposition 8.

One article I read quoted some idiot man saying, “God says marriage is supposed to be between a man and a woman.”  What?  Are you kidding?  Come on people – I don’t care what your religious convictions are, God didn’t write the bible and if he’s talking to you, I have a jacket I’d like you to put on.  Marriage, as we’re talking about it today, is a civil and judicial process, and accordingly it has nothing to do with church, God, or your beliefs.  Separation of Church and State, remember?

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Will Taxes Go Up?

October 29, 2008 · Posted in Government, Political, Rants · 1 Comment 

With the economy worse off now then any time in recent history, it is quite obvious that Americans are buckling down and worried about their future.  For many that also means that they’re worried about their finances and about the potential for any increase in taxes.  It’s obvious to me that regardless of who is elected into office – taxes are going to change.  They will either change in how much the average American pays or how the dollars are used once they get collected.  Either could be good or bad.

Frankly, I’ve often thought of this as a double-edged sword.  Taxes are important for the government services that we want (demand) and yet almost everyone I know, at one time or another, complains about how much they pay in taxes.  What I never hear people complaining about is how those tax dollars are being spent.  Very few average, Joe six-pack Americans scream as loudly about waste, pork-barrel spending, and economics as they do about how much they’re paying into the system.  Stop that waste and it’s likely that taxes wouldn’t have to increase.

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Does the Media Bias Pollers?

October 27, 2008 · Posted in Apple, Human Rights, Media, Political, Polls · Comment 

I’m reading more and more about how many polls have Obama in the lead.  Margins are being thrown from a few points to as many as 15, and I’m wondering, do Americans prefer the underdog enough to vote McCain when they hear this or are they going to vote Obama because everyone wants to back a winner?

I know, I know, it’s not quite that simple when it comes to presidential elections, and most people that vote have an opinion – polls be dammed – but some of the undecided voters and people confused about other issues… – will the polls bias their decision?  I think so.  What do you think?

Does the media bias pollers and voters?

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