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Sarah Palin Pardons a Turkey – Kills Any Hope of Looking Intelligent

November 21, 2008 · Posted in Celebrity, humor, Political, Rants · Comment 

I don’t know why Sarah Palin bugs me so much, but she does.  Every time I see her name or face staring back at me from the television or internet, I think to myself – “oh God, here she comes again.”  This time, I have to see her standing at a Wasilla, Alaska turkey farm, cup of Starbucks in hand, as she pardons a turkey.


What’s really hillarious to me is how ignorant she really is.  The media is playing her while the crackpot behind her is playing with my turkey dinner before stuffing it into some weird contraption.  All the while she’s rambling on about business, how the campaign trail was, and what she’s going to do for Alaska.  Heck, the only reason I like seeing Sarah Palin in the news is that I know Saturday Night Live is going to feature Tina Fey re-enacting the stupidity with an audiance laughing all the way.  Do you think John McCain is watching this thinking to himself… “thank God, it’s over.”


Is American Media Telling the Whole Story?

November 8, 2008 · Posted in Media, Rants · Comment 
Bernanke Tries to Decide What to do Next

Bernanke Tries to Decide What Next

The stock market volatile – imagine my surprise – but a recently headlined article on Marketwatch.com reminds us that consumers think it’s going to get worse.  Of course consumers think it’s going to get worse – the media keeps telling us it is going to get worse.  Even good news is buffered by some footnote as to why this is an exception to the bad that’s yet to come.  And if the media tells enough people, and talks about it long enough, eventually the American public begins to believe.  After all, if it can work for presidential candidates like John McCain…

So is the economy bad?  Yes, it’s terrible.  This is the worst thing that could have happened to America at the worst time.  It’s caused market upheaval around the world and some analysts think that it would be worse right now if we knew what to look for.  Fortunately, or not, depending on your view, the Wall Street shenanigans are as difficult to unravel as they were successful in their profiteering during the good times.  But, the media is missing something very important – we, as people and as a country, will recover.  And if history serves as a measuring stick, we will recover relatively quickly.

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Barack Obama Wins

November 4, 2008 · Posted in Political · Comment 

Today, November 4, 2008, the 44th President of the United States was chosen by both the popular vote and the electoral college, and while final results won’t be available for hours or even days to come, it would seem as though Barack Obama has won by a large margin.  Mainstream media would have you believe that this election was sinificant simply because Barack Obama is the first African-American to run and subseuently win the highest political office in this great nation.  From what I’ve seen, this is only a small part of the victory for America and democracy.

The son of a black father from Kenya and a white mother from Kansas, Barack Obama has, to date, had a very short political career as the junior senator from Illinois. But, today, he has defeated the more experienced John McCain in what many are calling a landslide victory, including wins in the battleground states of Ohio, Florida, Virginia, and Iowa, offering proof that Amerca is ready for change.  This alone is a great victory for the United States.

In my eyes, though, the bigger win is what I saw over the last ten days everywhere I looked.  I saw people articulately voicing arguments for both sides.  I saw people young and old extolling their right to vote and claiming that they had or would vote in this election – many for the first time.  Democracy and the American flag were held proudly as what would make America strong in the years to come.  This, for me, was the bigger victory and the one that I am most proud of today.

Today is the first day of the rest of Obama’s career, and I am hopeful that he will prove himself worthy of the trust Americans have put in him.  Regardless, though, I can rest easy knowing that Americans are prepared to rally and speak for what they believe in.  This is a great country and I am proud to be a citizen.


Did Sarah Palin Kill John McCain’s Chances to be President?

November 2, 2008 · Posted in Political · Comment 


Jack Cafferty questions Palin’s qualifications to be vice president.  Not a positive spin on what to most hasn’t been an overly positive outcome for John McCain since selecting Sarah Palin as his running mate.  See his secondary response after the jump…

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November 2, 2008 · Posted in Political · Comment 

We’re getting close to the final chance for Americans to voice their opinion on the all important presidential election.  Who will be our next president, John McCain or Barack Obama – you can help decide, but you have to vote.

In addition to the hotly contested presidental election, every state has a set of laws that they are looking to pass or repeal and this is also your chance to help decide the fate of those policies.  In California the big one this year is Proposition 8, which is written to repeal the right of same sex couples to marry.  You can tell my opinions from the other articles here, but my opinions are my own – whatever yours are you need to get out there and vote or they will never be heard.

This is your public service announcement for today!


Oh Shut Up – Celebrities Continue to Shun McCain Win

October 29, 2008 · Posted in Celebrity, Political, Rants · Comment 
Heidi Klum and Seal

Heidi Klum and Seal

Following some of the dumber ideas that I’ve seen in recent years, Heidi Klum and Seal are following the bandwagon started by Susan Sarandon, Stephen Baldwin, and Michael Stipe saying that they’re going to leave the country if John McCain wins the Presidency.  Hearing that I wish that they’d follow Tina Fey who says she’s leaving the planet.

Of course, I think it’s important to note that Seal can’t even vote in the election.  If he’s not willing to take the steps necessary then I think he should just shut his pie hole keep his opinions to himself.  As for Heidi, I wonder if she is even going to vote, although after hearing her reasons for wanting to meet/get to know her husband I have to wonder to myself – is this really the person that I want trying to decide who should be our next president?  Do you?

As for the rest of you threatening to leave if McCain is elected, and I don’t want McCain in office, either, the only thing I would take time out to say is this – America isn’t great because of our President or the people we put in charge.  America is great because of the citizens and what they bring to the table.  The government only goes so far and then it is our responsibility to make this country great.  We provider the work, the workforce, the financial freedom, the passion, and the commitment to make the country great.  Don’t give up on that because the person you want isn’t on top – do you share, live your life, and make this country what you want it to be.  Because, no matter who is elected, this is the greatest country on earth.


McCain Says Obama Isn’t Ready to Be Commander In Chief

October 29, 2008 · Posted in Government, Military, Political · Comment 

Too bad for John McCain that the majority of Americans have a different opinion – or they don’t believe he’s ready either, but they want him to be President anyway.  Who knows, but tough luck.  The Boston Herald is running an article under the heading of Political Intelligence talking about how McCain and his supporters are questioning “whether my [sic] opponent in this election has the wisdom or judgment to serve as Commander in Chief.”  This coming from the 72 year old, cancer survivor whose beauty-queen running mate didn’t get her passport until this year?  Does McCain have the wisdom or judgment to take the country to the next level?  Because it sure doesn’t seem that he has the backup.

If McCain is going to use this as his next attack against Obama, he really should take a long, hard look at Sarah Palin and make sure he’s not opening doors that he doesn’t want visited.


Could Obama Lose Even with the Popular Vote?

October 28, 2008 · Posted in Government, Human Rights, Justice, Political, Rants · Comment 

Obama Stands Beside John McCainIn 2000, for the fourth time in history, the winner of the popular vote didn’t win the electoral college or the Presidency, resulting in George W. Bush being elected President of the United States.  Very few are talking about this as a possibility in the upcoming election, but as MSNBC reports, some observers are beginning to wonder – could it happen again?

Their article, and other like it, go on to suggest that perhaps McCain is using the electoral college and campaigning to win in the places that would matter enough to allow him a chance of taking the 270 electoral votes necessary.  Fortunately, the mathematical experts are suggesting that it’s very unlikely that a split vote could happen, while at the same time admitting that the polls are only so accurate.

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McCain Screwed Up

October 23, 2008 · Posted in Government, Media, Political, Rants · Comment 
Presidential Candidate John McCain

Presidential Candidate John McCain

Presidential candidate John McCain made a very big mistake, in my opinion, when asked to explain the scandal reasoning behind the Republican Party buying $150,000 in clothes, hair styling, and accessories for his running mate, Sarah Palin.

John McCain’s response to the mutltiple questions about the spending?  Pretty much the same each time he was asked: “She needed clothes at the time.  They’ll be donated at the end of the campaign.  They’ll be donated to charity.”  He didn’t have a good answer to “how” they will be donated, but frankly I’d be more upset if he had.  They’ll be donated – that’s good enough for me.  Well, almost.  So, if they do win, what’s she going to wear then?  And what about the clothes that were purchased for her family?

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Sarah Palin Spent What?

October 22, 2008 · Posted in Political, Rants · Comment 

The Envelope is reporting that Sarah Palin convinced the RNC to cough up a over $150,000 to improve her look and accessorize her to run with Presidential Candidate John McCain.  Can you imagine what that would buy at Wal-Mart?  Apparently Sarah can’t either, because her expenses include over $75,000 at Neiman Marcus – home of the $40,000 book on Formula 1 Racing.  Of course, some of those expenses include clothing for her family while they are on the campaign trail, too, because those ordinary outfits just aren’t good enough.

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