What Measure of Inflation – Stealth Increases

June 29, 2011 · Posted in Government, Rants · Comment 

Recession | Stagflation | InflationDeciding on whether or not we’re in a recession has almost become a national pastime, but more confusing to me are the proclamations that inflation is low. As a conspicuous consumer, I beg to differ, and that so many people are willing to overlook the detrimental changes going on right under our noses is flabbergasting. See it how you will – we’re in a recession and inflation is very, very high.

First, I’m not an economist. I’m not a CFO, government expert, or someone with extremely in depth knowledge of finance, inflation, or recessions. I am, however, a shopper, and what I’ve seen in recent months is disconcerting:

  • pasta – used to be packaged as a pound (16 ounces); now 13.5 ounces
  • orange juice – used to be packaged as 64 ounces; now 60 ounces

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Greenspan Admits a Little Flaw

October 23, 2008 · Posted in Government, Political, Rants · Comment 

Greenspan spoke today and offered a no shit concession that there were flaws in his market ideology – in case you couldn’t tell by the state of the world economy.  Blaming a “once in a century credit tsunami,” Greenspan offered the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform a partial admittance that he was wrong about opposing regulation of derivatives before acknowledging that financial institutions didn’t protect shareholds and investments as well as he’d expected.  I guess he forgot about that significant human flaw: greed.

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