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Connecticut Offers Gay Marriage While Gay Californians Left in the Cold

November 12, 2008 · Posted in Government, Human Rights, Political, Rants · Comment 
Deirdre Bourdet, left, and Leslie Caccamese spent Saturday with hundreds getting married in San Francisco, March 2004.

Deirdre Bourdet, left, and Leslie Caccamese spent Saturday with hundreds getting married in San Francisco, March 2004.

There are so many reasons that I’m proud to live in California, and a few that make my stomach turn.  I’ve used this blog to show my support for the rights of gay couples wanting to get married in California, and although I thought that I’d done my piece to help, seeing the press today brings tears of frustration to my eyes and renews the anger that I feel towards the majority of Californians that consider it acceptable to legislate discrimination.  Where is their conscience?

Right now my biggest hope is that I won’t have to explain to my daughters that we live in an environment that discriminates against people because of the color of their skin, where they go to church or their sexual orientation.  I hope that my daughters will know that all Americans share the same rights and privileges under law because we, as a country, have voted to maintain those rights.  Ultimately, I hope that our “don’t ask, don’t tell” military will continue to defend those rights so that someday it might be possible for all world citizens to share those same rights.  For now, I’ll tell them that how Connecticut does it is right and that California will catch up at some point in the future – hopefully sooner rather than later.

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Theology or Civil Right?

November 7, 2008 · Posted in Human Rights, Justice, Political · Comment 

Proposition 8 passed in California, along with similar legislation in Arizona and Florida, preventing same-sex marriages in those states.  These propositions were supported and primarily funded by the Mormon and Catholic churches.  Unfortunately, it seems that the very people that succeeded getting Obama the presidency – African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans from lower/middle class families – are the ones that propped up this legislation.  Of course, these same families are predominantly Catholic and Christian likely to have voted Yes on Proposition 8.

One article I read quoted some idiot man saying, “God says marriage is supposed to be between a man and a woman.”  What?  Are you kidding?  Come on people – I don’t care what your religious convictions are, God didn’t write the bible and if he’s talking to you, I have a jacket I’d like you to put on.  Marriage, as we’re talking about it today, is a civil and judicial process, and accordingly it has nothing to do with church, God, or your beliefs.  Separation of Church and State, remember?

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California Bans Gay Marriage

November 5, 2008 · Posted in Human Rights, Political, Rants · 1 Comment 

It sickens me that Californians can so easily accept additional rights for chickens and at the same time legislate discrimination of people based on their sexual preferences.  We elected an African-American into the White House and told everyday citizens that they aren’t important enough to enjoy the emotional and legal benefits of marriage because they’re wired to prefer the same sex.  This isn’t a choice folks – being homosexual isn’t like being hungry, it’s like being black.  If it’s a fact for you, you can’t simply decide one day to change and you shouldn’t have to.

It’s obvious from the polls and from the results that Californians don’t understand the ramifications to a large number of Californians.  They claim same sex marriage is a religious issue and I’m calling bullshit.  This is an issue of human rights and all you Catholics and Mormons out there that are supporting this belief that it’s okay to legislate discrimination need to start voting with your conscience, because your child-molesting, polygamyst lifestyles are next.  If you’re going to bring together church and state it’s only a matter of time before the state tries to make decisions about your lifestyles and right now I can’t wait to cast my vote on that issue.

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