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Is Apple Scared of the Storm?

November 21, 2008 · Posted in Uncategorized · Comment 

It’s probably not a coincidence that Apple announced the release of their 2.2 update for the super-successful iPhone on the same day that RIM/Verizon planned to release the much anticipated Blackberry Storm.  Both have a touch-screen, 3G connectivity and basic PIM functionality, but the similarities end there.  The iphone has the app store that is revolutionary in hand-held devices.  RIM has the reputation as a diehard business machine that is bulletproof when it comes to email.  Both reputations are well deserved and both phones will continue to coexist in the market.

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What the… Apple Makes One Billion Dollars

October 21, 2008 · Posted in Apple, Corporate Finance · Comment 

Apple, Inc. announced on Tuesday that their fiscal fourth-quarter profit rose 26% on revenue of nearly $8 billion and that sales of its iPhone products have reached nearly seven million units.  Of course, Analysts didn’t like this enough and their stock dropped a little over 7% – so I guess all isn’t golden in Cupertino.  Even still, I would guess their holiday party is still going to be outrageous (anyone want a date for the party?)

What I don’t understand (and yes I have one) is the passion that their iPhone seems to instill in its users.  It’s just a game machine that plays music and has a mediocre phone with it.  There are other companies that have things somewhat like this, but none seem to receive the same following that Apple has succeeded in achieving with its phone.  I just don’t understand.