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Will Yang Be Credited With Destroying Yahoo?

November 18, 2008 · Posted in Corporate Finance, Web, Yahoo! · Comment 

With all the backlash surrounding the Microsoft acquisition of Yahoo, it seemed only a matter of time before Yahoo’s CEO Jerry Yang was foreced out.  There’s also the 60% decrease in Yahoo’s value since Yang took over last year, but It’s questionable what percentage of that is attributable to Yang and what percentage is attributable to the market drop as a whole.  Regardless, I have to imagine that the board and employees of Yahoo are secretly (or maybe publicly) celebrating his departure and hoping that the market sees this as a new hope for the future of Yahoo.

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Yahoo Receives Another Nail in the Coffin

November 5, 2008 · Posted in Corporate Finance, Tech Companies, Web · Comment 

Breaking away from elections and politics for a bit and moving to the more mainstream, Google has announced today that it is ending it’s advertising partnership with Yahoo to avoid a legal battle with federal antitrust regulators.  From the outside this sounds like a great thing for Google and another nail in the coffin for Yahoo’s long term prospects.

Yahoo stock was up considerably today as investors considered whether or not this would reopen discussions with Microsoft, which frankly seems like  amuch better fit, although I truly believe that even the merged companies would soon become a rounding error in Google’s advertising success.  As an advertiser, there are a lot of options out there, but very few offering the same CPC value as Google.  At this point Microsoft has declined to comment, although I suspect that their consideration for this deal is soured and any offer Yahoo receives from Microsoft will reflect a significantly reduced market value.

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Prop 8 is Dumb; Churches Feel Backlash

October 27, 2008 · Posted in Apple, Celebrity, Human Rights, Media, Political, Rants · 3 Comments 


Apparently not all mormons feel the same about California’s Proposition 8, which I guess leaves the dissenters wondering why they’re spending so much time, money and energy donating to the church when their fundamental beliefs about human rights contradict those of that same church.  This same supposition could hold true for all of California’s Catholic bigots bishops (because we know how some of them feel about little boys), some of the Christians and many of the Orthodox Jews.  These groups seem to feel that they have the most to lose by controlling the sacred rights of marriage between a husband and wife.

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Does the Media Bias Pollers?

October 27, 2008 · Posted in Apple, Human Rights, Media, Political, Polls · Comment 

I’m reading more and more about how many polls have Obama in the lead.  Margins are being thrown from a few points to as many as 15, and I’m wondering, do Americans prefer the underdog enough to vote McCain when they hear this or are they going to vote Obama because everyone wants to back a winner?

I know, I know, it’s not quite that simple when it comes to presidential elections, and most people that vote have an opinion – polls be dammed – but some of the undecided voters and people confused about other issues… – will the polls bias their decision?  I think so.  What do you think?

Does the media bias pollers and voters?

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What the… Apple Makes One Billion Dollars

October 21, 2008 · Posted in Apple, Corporate Finance · Comment 

Apple, Inc. announced on Tuesday that their fiscal fourth-quarter profit rose 26% on revenue of nearly $8 billion and that sales of its iPhone products have reached nearly seven million units.  Of course, Analysts didn’t like this enough and their stock dropped a little over 7% – so I guess all isn’t golden in Cupertino.  Even still, I would guess their holiday party is still going to be outrageous (anyone want a date for the party?)

What I don’t understand (and yes I have one) is the passion that their iPhone seems to instill in its users.  It’s just a game machine that plays music and has a mediocre phone with it.  There are other companies that have things somewhat like this, but none seem to receive the same following that Apple has succeeded in achieving with its phone.  I just don’t understand.