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Diet or Regular Soda? Lesser of two evils?

February 10, 2011 · Posted in Medicine, Public Service, Rants · Comment 

Soda Kills - Or At Least Increases the Odds

I’m trying to decide if I’d rather die of stroke (quickly so I don’t see it coming), or get laughed at while working my way to heart failure (slow and possibly quite painful). Honestly, neither is looking good and the way things are going the choice of water alone might be the saving grace of the American people.

What am I ranting about today, you wonder? Well, a recent study has found that consumers of diet cola are at a 61% increased risk for stroke, including (whether drinking diet or regular soda), more likely to have metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, elevated blood fats, low levels of good cholesterol, and large waists. Ergo, soda drinkers are more likely to be fat, diabetic, and suffering from cardiovascular disease, regardless of whether they’re drinking diet or regular soda.
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Mourning the loss of personal responsibility…

October 9, 2009 · Posted in Public Service, Rants, Uncategorized · Comment 

Ok folks.  This American  “It’s not my fault.  It’s the fault of the person with the money!” attitude that just pisses me off.

Everyone feels like they deserve something from someone else even when it was their own stupid fault.  Remember many years ago the person that sued McDonalds because her coffee was “Hot?”  They got coffee at the drive through and placed it between their legs (I guess they didn’t have cup holders back in the stone age.)  Short story is, the coffee spilled and they sued.

Yeah.  We all thought it was a joke, and silly, but that person ended up getting a lot of money for it.   And to be fair, the facts of the case showed she received THIRD DEGREE burns from the fucking coffee!

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Give Blood Today – Fly Somewhere Tomorrow

January 5, 2009 · Posted in Public Service · Comment 

1Donating blood has always been a mixed bag for me – on one hand I understand the need for blood to save lives and at the same time I think about all that could go wrong with that big, giant needle poking into my arm.  Until now, it’s always been an issue of conscience alone, and take it or leave it I’ve been an infrequent donor.  Apparently I’m not alone, because the American Red Cross is resorting to awarding donors with the change to win one of 15 pairs of tickets anywhere Delta airlines flies (domesticly).

There are, of course, a few caveats, but only that you donate in the states of Georgia, North and South Carolina, Alabama, Puerto Rico, southern Mississippi, or northern Florida between now and March 31.  Not too bad considering, and the reality is, giving blood is good.  Apparently the Red Cross needs approximately 38,000 pints of blood every day just to meet the demand of hospitals and other organizations, and that doesn’t include storage for future requirements.  With the fall-off in the economy people have donated less money and apparently less blood, too.

Lets hope that this incentive helps increase the number of donors – and perhaps you’ll even see me out there giving a pint or two in the months to come.