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The diet police proclaim diet cola may cause strokes | UncensoredRants.com
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Diet or Regular Soda? Lesser of two evils?

February 10, 2011 · Posted in Medicine, Public Service, Rants 

Soda Kills - Or At Least Increases the Odds

I’m trying to decide if I’d rather die of stroke (quickly so I don’t see it coming), or get laughed at while working my way to heart failure (slow and possibly quite painful). Honestly, neither is looking good and the way things are going the choice of water alone might be the saving grace of the American people.

What am I ranting about today, you wonder? Well, a recent study has found that consumers of diet cola are at a 61% increased risk for stroke, including (whether drinking diet or regular soda), more likely to have metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, elevated blood fats, low levels of good cholesterol, and large waists. Ergo, soda drinkers are more likely to be fat, diabetic, and suffering from cardiovascular disease, regardless of whether they’re drinking diet or regular soda.


I know that the Tab generation is almost dead, heck, even my mom has stopped drinking that crap, but it seems like all the fun of just living and enjoying the fruits of our commercialized success are now going by the wayside and we’re either going to have to accept that life alone can kill us or eat like a rabbit and drink filtered water with added electrolytes. Just does not seem like much fun.

Before I go much further, I think it’s important to note that I personally believe that in addition to our health the world is changing in a way that has forever changed our lives and that the days of an increased life-span is gone. Everything that we interact with today – whether it be directly like food and the environment, or indirectly like radiation and environmental hazards – has an impact on us and it’s generally not good. This comes from absolutely no medical knowledge, but from the knowledge that the quality of life that I see from the people around me in this day and age seems far below what it was even ten years ago.

Now, with that said, science is inaccurate and this could all be a fluke. The study was less than 3000 people total, and there could be some sort of accidental correlation, but this really comes down to how you feel about science vs. the science of the Coca Cola Company. Personally, I would think that even though all the chemicals that they put into the diet soda they pedal tastes really good it’s probably not that good for me.

So there you have it – my public health message/rant to share that I’m pissed – no more diet-soda for me, or soda at all for that matter, although I wonder if I get it out of the spigot, is iced-tea any better for me?



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