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Obama vs. McCain – the Lessor of Two Evils? | UncensoredRants.com
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Obama vs. McCain – the Lessor of Two Evils?

October 21, 2008 · Posted in Political, Rants 

Since when did deciding a president become the lessor of two evils?  Because, I don’t know about you, but it sure seems to me that neither McCain or Obama deserve to be president.  Neither of them have earned my respect and looking to their VP running mates, I’m not feeling any better.  Read on to see my opinions on both candidates and why they shouldn’t win.

Some of my reasoning against John McCain:

  • John McCain may have some experience, but he doesn’t have the type of personality or passion that I believe can pull us through the next four years.
  • John McCain is getting along in years and has had health problems.  I wish him good health and that he should live for many years, but this job is about being the most powerful man in the free world.  That takes a tremendous amount of strength, energy and perseverance – I’m not comfortable that McCain has that strength any more.  Equally important, this country can’t afford to deal with McCains failing health if it should come to that.
  • John McCain has Sarah Palin as a running mate.  I’m sorry, this woman can’t name a newspaper, doesn’t know what the vice-president does, believes she’ll control the senate, and can’t answer half the questions she’s asked.

Some of my reasoning against Barak Obama:

  • His own running mate, Joe Biden, is comparing him to John F. Kennedy, and I’m not sure that’s the guy that I want to be running this country with Pelozi, either.  Doesn’t he remember that JFK was assasinated while in office?  Has he forgotten that there is still a large contingent of this country that see only that Obama is black?
  • His military experience, and foreign policy judgment are untested and at first blush not based on fact.
  • Limited resume – he’s been in office, he’s served his time, but he’s not an A+ example of what I’d like to see running this country.  Even from a business standpoint – and this country is one big business – Barak Obama doesn’t have the background or experience to task in times of need.

So… like I began, this is simply the lessor of two evils and frankly I don’t like either one of them.  But, if I have to look at their number two I think that Biden is a better problem to have then Palin and that about sums it up for me.



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